Sunday, August 22, 2010

under the sea

lee's theme of choice was just in time for shark week! in fact i sent in the photo of amanzi with her great white to the discovery channel just for fun and a few days later they picked their top fav's people had sent in and amanzi was #9! ... pictured: toys by lee, jahari, amanzi, amanzi, padang, leanne.

see more photos from the fun here:


  1. Kim, nice job on your new blog. My only suggestion: You might consider adding captions to the photos.

  2. gayle- odd i thought i responded to this, maybe it was via email. thankx for the kudos! this blog doesn't allow for captions. the photosite does. you are welcome to post captions there and here if you like on any or all the photos! i love captions! some of the ones on the photosite are captioned, but i can barely get photos up timely, let alone do text!