Monday, August 30, 2010

butterflies, polka dots and paw prints

in addition to lee's butterfly toys for the tiger girls, she made a huge polka dot vase for sukari and a paw print box for tunya with a drawing. ... pictured: toys by lee, leanne, leanne, tunya, sukari, padang.

swirly towers and bags, grape balls and butterflies

lee picked a butterfly theme, so in addition to my swirly toys i made an additional toy for leanne from a collapsed bowl i was going to use for next weeks party theme. it turned out great! you can see all the fun in the pix! not pictured snow leopards and fishing cats all had little swirly grape balls. ... pictured: toys by kim, leanne, leanne, amanzi, jahari
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jahari and amanzi

Sunday, August 22, 2010

more swirls plus

after checking out her bowl, padang savored her polka dot boxed (by lee) lunch! fishing cats, tigers and snow leopards all had enrichment toys of mini swirl balls or mini swirl candy bags (by kim). i made small sniff holes in the mini balls for added attraction of the food scent to encourage the fishing cats. ... pictured: padang, goldfish, sunfish, leanne, leanne, ming wah.

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dinos vs lions, lions win!

velociraptor dinosaur toys for amanzi and jahari! pretty pink toys for leanne and padang, and pastel balls for ming wah and rigel. pictured: toys by lee, amanzi, jahari, amanzi, amanzi, jahari               see more photos from the fun here:


swirly cute!

it was a swirl extravaganza! towers of swirls for tunya and sukari. painted red since suki likes her red bucket! there were also large swirl party bags, mini swirl candy's, and mini swirl balls. ... pictured: toys by kim, tunya, tunya, sukari, amanzi, jahari

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mix it up

all enrichment toys were made by lee. she went with a mix it up theme and amanzi and jahari got huge 24 inch mache sun balls sitting on the moon and stars. leanne got a paper mache heart and house. fishing cats logs with bird nests. tunya and sukari paw print mini cakes. snoballs for snow leopards. fun for everyone!... pictured: amanzi, amanzi, jahari, leanne, leanne, fisher, tunya.

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bear toys

i made some enrichment toys for wishbone and pike in the wake of them losing their companions, our zoo friends andy and annie :( ... there's an extra bag for ulu in case she looks thru the mesh and thinks "hey how did she get a toy?" ;)

more suki's ice cream social

the party festivities continued when leanne enjoyed her popsicle balls and ice cream bag and ming wah fest'd on an ice cream bag and snoball! ... pictured: leanne, leanne, leanne, ming wah, ming wah.

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suki's ice cream social

sukari's birthday was celebrated by all the cats! the lions all got ice cream cones! and everyone else got ice cream goody bags! ... pictured: ice cream cones and goody bags by kim, jahari, amanzi, amanzi, jahari.

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sukari's birthday bash

sukari's 8th birthday bash was a great success! placing sukari's birthday cake in front of her cave door was just the thing to intrigue her curiosity so much she couldn't resist! shy girl stuck her head in the doorway, just enough to grab her cake and bring it into the cave with her! after tunya had his ice cream cone (by kim) , they both disappeared thru the cave and were seen in the yard, each with half of the cake! happy birthday suki! ... pictured: cake and popsicle toys by lee, tunya, sukari, tunya, sukari.

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