Sunday, August 15, 2010

easter in the lion house!

my original plan with paper mache was to make all the big cats easter eggs. my plan fell thru when two of my first three eggs didn't make it. so i ended up with one egg and it was going to go to tony! tony loved his birthday ball, so i knew he would like it and i felt he needed the extra stimulation. i can't find a photo of it on its own and its hard to tell, but it was painted yellow with pastel polka dots. ... i felt horrible that i didn't have anything for the other cats but luckily the keeper still had some poppers i had brought during the week! so yay everyone had an easter treat from me! the poppers are mini versions of the party favors, with pretties painted on them. ... pictured: poppers by kim, padang picking which bunny she wanted first, tony going for his mache egg, tony going for his bunny, tunya, sukari and leanne with their poppers, jahari reaching into a crate for his popper. amanzi had a popper too but wasn't in a position for a snap ;(

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