Sunday, December 12, 2010

a winters ball!

winter themed enrichment toys by lee! the big cats got these on christmas! ... pictured: mache balls by lee! 
 see all the fun in photos here:

grapevines and owls

lee created some fun fall themed enrichment toys for the cats. she called them grapevines and owls ! ... pictured: toys by lee, padang, tunya, sukari, leanne, amanzi, amanzi, jahari.

padang's party!

padang celebrated a milestone birthday on november 29th, when she turned 21 yrs old! she is believed to be the oldest living tiger of any species in a north american zoo! padang and her cat house-mates all partied with toys in the pink and purple princess theme in her honor! padang got an opened ended three tier birthday cake, two mache bowls, one inscribed "princess" and the other "birthday girl", and two shortie party bags, one tiger striped and the other with a tiara. all her friends got tiger striped party bags, polka dot towers, and mache balls. ... pictured: padang, padang, padang, padang, amanzi, jahari, leanne, tunya, sukari.
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