Monday, August 30, 2010

swirly towers and bags, grape balls and butterflies

lee picked a butterfly theme, so in addition to my swirly toys i made an additional toy for leanne from a collapsed bowl i was going to use for next weeks party theme. it turned out great! you can see all the fun in the pix! not pictured snow leopards and fishing cats all had little swirly grape balls. ... pictured: toys by kim, leanne, leanne, amanzi, jahari
see more photos from the fun here:


jahari and amanzi


  1. PARTY theme! hah! that should be a blast!

  2. Kim, your enrichments are awesome and the photos show it!! Keep it up!

  3. love the butterfly theme and swirly toys - very creative! the lions look like they're really enjoying these toys - once again, great job ladies.

  4. thankx for all the comments and to both for the creative kudos! anon- sorry for the slack on responding. it has been fun doing themes. it didn't start that way but quickly took form! ... joanne- glad you enjoy the photos. its fun to be able to share with people who care, but can't always be there in person. ... hazel- we have come up with some good themes! butterflies was lee's idea, i have become the queen of the swirls lol! i think its one thing i'm really good at painting ;)