Wednesday, October 13, 2010

heads in the grass!

halloween month fun continued with head week. our idea was to have just heads in the grass looking like they were emerging from the ground! we made enough so all the lions and leanne would have two. padang had her bowls painted with bats to keep in theme. there were also bat themed mini tri-boxes with bats for the snow leopards, fishing cats or as they liked. was great fun for all the cats! they even got bonus jackos that were still left!

pictured: mummy heads and bat tri-boxes by kim, jahari, jahari, amanzi, tunya, sukari, leanne, leanne, leanne, leanne, padang, padang, ming wah

bears love dots!

i made some polka dot towers for the bears. luckily i ran into a keeper as i was heading to bears and he put a few of them out that day! ... pike got two! both lined with honey, one with added acacia branch, and the other with added fish, was set up on a branch. she went right for the lower one and the worked on it for a bit before going to investigate the higher one. after three looks, she decided to just wait for the treats to slip out. when i left the fish were peeking out, but she had licked all the honey off the ground! ... wishbone had his set in a dangling acacia branch, which he promptly grabbed down and carried off to bed! annie did this once before with something i made (video of it on my youtube channel). they like having their snacks in bed and adding the wrapper to their bedding! soooo cute! ... pictured: wishbone, wishbone, wishbone, pike, pike, pike.
see more photos from the fun here:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

jacko extravaganzo continues!

jackos made their way to the yards mid week and lucky me, i got to see! i love the pic of amanzi laughing! notice that lee painted eyes like jahari's on the pumpkin he went to? miss leanne always seems to get her head stuck lol! ... pictured: jahari, jahari, amanzi, amanzi, amanzi, leanne, leanne.

jack o' lantern bonanza!

our idea for the first saturday in october was to have a bunch of jackos in the yards. there were other things going on that day, so ming wah was the only one to take part in the bonanza! she loved her jack o' lantern! ... pictured: toys by kim, toys by lee, ming wah.

wild mushrooms and woodland creatures!

pictured: toys by lee, toys by kim, jahari, amanzi, jahari, amanzi, padang, leanne, leanne, leanne.

jarmanzi butterfly sniff!

another mid week treat. the keeper had a couple of lee's butterfly balls left over and put them out for jahari and amanzi. one of the sweetest pix of jahari, gently touching the ball while appearing to sniff the butterfly :)

see more photos from the fun here:

carnival, snails, polka dots and monet mix!

i continued my carnival color theme with swirls on a small mache tube and big party poppers for the lions and tigers and small harlequin poppers for the fishing cats and snow leopards. lee made mache balls with snails, polka dots and ala' monet. i noticed our mix coincidentally merged themes since her snails had swirly shells :) ... pictured: toys by kim , toys by lee, amanzi, amanzi, jahari, jahari, jahari, leanne, padang, sukari, tunya, tunya.