Sunday, August 15, 2010

cobby's birthday

the first time we ever decided to bring something for one of the residents was for what we thought was cobby's 50th birthday july 10, 2009. at the time my friend lee was still a docent and according to her official information his date of birth is listed as 7.10.58. we thought there is no way we could pass up this milestone! even if in hindsight we can't count and that would have been 51 yrs old lol! it was also our first crafting collaboration. lee did everything on the card and i added the photo with the handmade balloons attached using little leaf brads. note that this was NOT something that was going in the animal enclosure, so the small items weren't going to be a problem. the card was placed at the front of the enclosure on the visitor side. it made us feel great as kid's running by saw our card, pointed and yelled "it's cobby's birthday!" peoplel love birthdays!

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