Friday, April 11, 2014

New Facebook Page - Awesome Animal Enrichment!

Hello,  long time no post here, but hope all are following my other San Francisco Zoo related blogs!  

About Four Years ago I started to learn what Animal Enrichment was. Without knowing what it was called, what it did for the Animals was something that I loved long before that. My favorite times at my local Zoo were the Halloween Events. I loved watching the Animals get Pumpkins and other "Toy" type "Presents". Watching them have so much fun, gave me Joy. Most important, the Joy and Excitement it brought to their lives, I later learned was not only Fun but Enriching. ... Over the years I have collected many Enrichment Photos off the Internet as they have come my way, either by chance or in my research on the subject. I never thought I would do anything with them, so I didn't save many with associated information like place and photo credit, so not sure if I can share those in my archive. That said, I started this group so I can share those from here on. Please share as well any that come your way, so everyone can enjoy! ... Welcome to Awesome Animal Enrichment!

Please check out my new FB Group and Join the Fun! 

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