Monday, September 6, 2010

tiger tiki party!

the cats had a tiki luau party to close out the summer! they all got themed toys! tiki's, lei's, coconut cup drinks, and pineapple bags! padang even got an elephant stuffie from lee! (see next post for lion fun!) they had a great time enjoying so many things to choose from! happy, busy kitties :) ... pictured: toys by kim, toys by lee, leanne, leanne, leanne, padang, padang, padang, padang.

see more photos of all the fun here:


  1. It amazes me how inquisitive they are!

  2. thankx for the comment! they are funny. they all have different ways of approach. leanne the first tiger here seems to want to check each thing out first before making her decision on the order she wants it. padang the second tiger is starting to really get into the treat toys. she will get her treats out of the toys in the order she walks past them.